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Third Eye Front Sensor with Display (TE-6006)


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Microsensors are the 'Third Generation' of ultrasonic sensors that are 19mm in diameter making it the smallest today. The 'Third Generation Microsensor' utilises the most advanced ultrasonic ASYMMETRICAL sensing technology used in the latest Mercedes Benz. The microsensor has super-wide detecting capabilities that senses an extra wide angle of 160 degrees horizontally and 60 degrees vertically. This technology increases the detection angle by 100% compared with other conventional systems. The microsized sensors are designed to blend into all ccars and can be spray painted for that original factory fitted look.

Product Function

The devide has a choice of two or four ultrasonic sensors which is fitted at the rear bumper. The system will only be activated when the resverse gear is engaged and indicated by a single audible tone. The frequency of the audible beeping tone and light of the LED bar will alert the adriver of the any presence of objects and the distance behind the vehicle. 

Benefits and Advantages

The microsensor over other systems in the market is that the microsensor work in ultrasonic ASYMMETRICAL sensing technology. 

i) Asymmetrical detection technology.

ii) Small sensor diameter of 19mm.

iii) Flush and paint able sensor surface area.

iv) Prevents and reduces accidents

v) Reduces stress when reversing.

vi) Helps getting in and out of tight parking spots. 


Power requirement : DC 10V ~ 25V

Max. power consumption : 5W

Max. current consumption : 200mA

Operating temperature : -20 degree ~ 70 degree

Storage temperature : -30degree ~ 80 degree

Operating humidity : Up to 95%

Detection distance : Up to 5.5 Ft.

Transmitting frequency : 40 kHz

System response time : 0.12 sec

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